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Safetyl Labels

The Visual Workplace - Lean Manufacturing

What Is A Visual Workplace?

You probably have labels and signs throughout your facility. Labels and signs are a common and effective way to communicate needed information at the point where it is needed. That's visual communication.

A visual workplace is a workplace in which effective and standardized visual communication is being used in every part of the facility. The foundation of a visual workplace are lean manufacturing techniques such as 5S and Kanban. 5S is a system of five steps that gets a workplace cleaned up, organized and maintains that good condition. Kanban is a visual "just-in-time" system that delivers materials, supplies, and products where they are need, right when they are needed.

How Is A Visual Workplace Created?

The Five Steps To A Visual Workplace

The key is having a versatile, flexible label printer, that is easy-to-use and has a wide variety of supplies available. By having a label printer on-site, convenient and ready to use, you'll be to make the labels and signs you need, when you need them. No hassles. No extra costs. Just get the job done and get it done right.

You need a versatile and flexible label printer so that you have a single machine that can handle all of your labeling and sign needs. It will save you money, because you'll only need to stock one set of supplies. It will save you time, because your staff will only need to learn how to use one machine.

You need an easy-to-use and reliable label printer. This goes without saying. If your machine makes changing supplies difficult, or designing a label is a 12 step process, then it becomes so difficult to make a label that no one bothers. The machine sits unused and you lose productivity, quality, and sales because your employees don't have the information they need.

You need a label printer that has a wide selection of supplies available. If the machine you've purchased does not have the supplies required to get the job done, you might as well not own the machine. Without supplies it's just a door stop.

Safetyl Labels
Duralabel Pro 300

Label Printer For the Visual Workplace

Take a look at the DuraLabel PRO label printer. It does all of the above, and more... and it will save you money. Making labels and signs with the DuraLabel PRO costs about half of what I would cost to use a comparable machine.

Find out more about what DuraLabel Pro can do for you!

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